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Welcome to Desert Oak Design, where we create unique, handcrafted jewelry that tells a story. Our team is passionate about creating timeless pieces that celebrate life's most memorable moments. Desert Oak Design is an American-owned company. Excellent customer service is important to us. We will not “desert” you throughout your positive experience - from selection to shipping to delivery of a surprise and a smile. We lived in the arid climate of Arizona before returning to our “roots” - where the Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware borders meet. The Desert Oak Designs logo honors enduring life springing forth no matter what.

This desert oak
lives in Australia

It’s features assist this slow-growing tree. The desert oak (kukara) has deep roots. The tap root reaches 33 feet! Many trees are over 1,000 years old. Protection from fire comes from the bark. Cones provide drink, seeds provide food…the lighted wood has a lasting glow. Finally, the children make necklaces from the branchlets.Jewelry is a time-honored way to express affection. Recipients feel the essence of your love, joy, pride, and gratitude... Jewelry offers the comfort of love to the wearer.

Enjoy the search and the results. Let us, Shawn and Jennifer Vojacsek, help you to find a treasure. Choose an exclusive, superbly crafted piece of sentimental jewelry.


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